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Every business needs websites; to famous its company brand throughout the world so while designing websites web developers must be conscious of what important functionality they need to be added on website. It is fact that the design you love designs that work. You should avoid the mistakes while creating the websites. Be cautious while creating websites and follow the right strategies to avoid it while building websites. Always focus on Home Page design of the website should be unique, elegant and clean.

Ignoring Search Engine Optimization Techniques:

The first common mistake that you have to avoid while creating a website is to design it according to all search engine recommendations. If you don’t make the website according to the SEO techniques it will be a big mistake. You have to search for keywords related to your business. If you do not find it, it will be a big blunder because without research of keywords you will not be able to rank your websites in the top pages of Google. Ultimately, it would help if you built your business websites based on the SEO techniques rather than creating simple website. Creating a simple website without SEO techniques is the only waste of money and efforts. Make websites that are business oriented targeted in order to increase the sale. A developer should boost the home page of a website with proper SEO techniques and these features will make a company brand, increase the popularity of a business.

Not Planning for Selection of Domain Name:

When you are planning to create the website then choose a domain name that is memorable, and easily spelled, it is simple without using any numbers, hyphens, and special symbols. The domain name whatever you have to select, has to give a hint about the industry in which you are operating. Finding a domain name is a very complicated task you should not neglect while creating a website. The designer should main focus in the selection of good and catchy URL for the homepage of a website that makes sense for your business.

Neglecting Social Media Links:

The website homepage should include the social media links to promote business presence worldwide. Social media links your website page with social networking sites. People are more aware about your business products and services.

Failing to Connectivity with SSL Certificate:

The central page of the website should be made secure with an SSL certificate. The owner of the web page must submit the website to a privacy policy generator. Personally, Identifiable Information is a kind of privacy law that gives the identity as well as information security to your website online.

Neglecting Testimonials:

The home page of the website must include testimonials of the previous clients it builds trust, a confidence of the company in the front of new customers.

Failing to Add Navigation Menu:

In the home page, there is navigation menu must be included in the header, to display of those links what actually the visitors are looking for. It saves the time of customers to get new information as well as reduce the bounce rate of it. It improves the design of the website as well as generates consistency to your website.

Not Planning to Add Newsletter:

While fabricating websites it is necessary to create email newsletter sign up with other added options with the email newsletter you will get all the latest updates to your inbox so this is the appropriate way to get leads.

Forget to Add Logos and Attractive Images:

The developers must design the creative logo that gives the message to the onlookers about the nature of the business of a company. Every Web Page must have eye-catching images that give the information about company workspace.

Forget to Add Footer at the End of the Page and Insert Taglines:

Every homepage must include NAP(Name, Address and Phone no.) of the company in the footer page ultimately users can easily stay in touch with what products and services you are providing to clients. You must insert tagline that looks different as compared to other information on the page. With attractive design, color, size of the tagline the company are able to convince onlookers to find out more about the company itself.

Eye Catching Content Will Have to Engage More Users to the Website:

It should be good if you will add interesting and eye catching content on the websites. It has to increase the value of your websites. More visitors will stay over there to read the content that is interesting and meaningful. It wills decrease the bounce rate of your website. Meaningful content help to increase conversion rate and sale of your website. If you will not add the interesting content based on SEO techniques then it will be a big mistake.

Connect Your Websites with Goggle Search Console to Rank It Properly:

If you will not attach your website with the Google search console then it will be a big mistake. Google will not crawl you web pages and rank it properly. So be careful while creating websites.  With the help of Google search console you will be able to track your visitors, how much traffic appears in your website on daily, weekly and monthly basis. You will get exact information about the organic traffic, referral traffic and backlinks from where the traffic comes to your website.

Ignoring Eye-Catching Theme of the Website:

You must choose the layout of the theme according to your business website. The appealing themes attract the viewer’s towards it. Add content that relevant to your business websites.

Forget to Make Responsive Web Pages:

Developers have always to add responsive Web Pages so that the users have to easily open it on the mobile screen, tablets and other android devices. The pages should be fit according to the size of the screen of the viewer’s otherwise no users will come to visit your website.

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